About Us

Hudson Valley Service Providers, LLC (HVSP) is a group of 22 Hudson Valley agencies that provide quality, community-based services and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Who We Are

The members of HVSP are separate and distinct organizations, that share a commitment to quality services, the right for people with disabilities to have choices in their lives, and the need for Hudson Valley agencies to effectively collaborate wherever, and whenever possible.

Our History

HVSP, LLC was formed in 2016 to provide individuals with disabilities the advocay and support they need to get the most from their services. The founding provider members believed that collaboration is the best way to ensure that each of the 4,500+ individuals who participate in their programs has a voice, and is informed about their options, allowing them to lead rich and full lives.

Beginning in 2017, HVSP members began working on a collective response to the Care Coordination Organization (CCO) request for proposals issued by OPWDD.

Initially, there was a plan to create a CCO solely for the Hudson Valley, but after meetings with LIFEPlan CCO NY it was agreed that working together to ensure quality care coordination would offer stronger advocacy and voice. HVSP became a limited liability corporation and invested in four LIFEPlan CCO NY board seats. Today, HVSP works closely with LIFEPlan on the development of care coordination for the Hudson Valley region.


Currently, HVSP is using its voice to advocate for providers and the individuals they serve during the COVID-19 crisis, by responding to state policy changes with suggestions for how those changes can best serve everyone.

The collective voice of HVSP agencies, providing services to 4,500+ individuals across the Hudson Valley region, is essential in ensuring that all providers - large and small - have a voice in key MCO discussions and decisions.


HVSP represents over 4,500 individuals with disabilities, across the Hudson Valley region.

To ensure that every individual served receives the highest quality services from the most informed providers, HVSP partnered with LIFEPlan CCO NY, the only parent-led CCO in New York State, serving individuals with disabilities in a 38-county region. LIFEPlan CCO NY is a specialized Health Home that takes a person-centered approach to determining the services that best fit an individual's needs.

Member Agencies

Our members span the Hudson Valley region, from Westchester to Greene County. You can view the scope and variety of their services by clicking anywhere on the map, below.

Visit our Members page and link to partner agency websites to learn more about the services they offer. Or can get acquainted with our dedicated team of board members and advisors on the Team page.

Join Us!

If you are an agency operating in the Hudson Valley and would like information about how to become a member of our group, please contact Jennifer Havrilla, HVSP Network Manager.

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