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Provider agencies in the HVSP group offer a wide range of IDD-related services. Visit the Members page for more information.

Regionalized Care Coordination

On July 1, 2018, The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) made a change to the way services are coordinated for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York State.

All aboard!

Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC) have assisted individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in gaining access to services. Under the new Health Home Care model, MSCs have become Care Managers. They will continue to provide the same services as before in addition to expanded services such as health care planning, referrals for wellness activities, and enhanced person and family support.

The diverse needs of individuals with developmental disabilities are best met in collaboration. Accessing the most appropriate support and services requires an understanding of how to make use of the natural support available in someone‘s life and information about provider programs and community resources. Care Coordination promotes the concepts of informed choice, individualized services and support, and satisfaction with the help of a Care Manager.

The focus of Care Coordination is to assist each individual to achieve his or her unique goals and desires, including: a choice of home, meaningful work and community activities, social and leisure activities, meaningful relationships, and access to services and support that promote optimal health.

With the help of family, friends, and the Care Manager, the individual’s interests, talents, preferences, and needs to create a plan for pursuing a fulfilling life are identified.

For answers to many questions you may have about this transition, please view the People First Care Coordination brochure, created by the OPWDD.


All HVSP member agencies meet weekly for a robust discussion on issues pertaining to individual care and family support, including changes to governmental and state regulations, developing education and informational sessions for families, and advocacy. Each agency has a voice in the decision of all projects and actions. The group works together to find solutions to problems and share news and information so that we may better serve our communities.

'Allo sailor!


The spirit of the HVSP network of organizations is collaboration. Each agency brings its own unique expertise and resources to the group combined with years of experience, which allows HVSP to offer the absolute best care to the people we serve.


We will champion the service needs of people with disabilities in our region providing a strong collaborative network to ensure that quality planning and access to services are available.

Through HVSP, we will be effectively able to access decision-makers in Albany, ensuring that our distinct regional needs are heard on key issues affecting services to individuals with developmental disabilities

Community Based Service Expertise

The agencies currently participating in HVSP span the Hudson Valley region in seven counties. Each agency engages with its own community and with the larger regional community as well. HVSP recently worked together to create a smooth transition from Medicaid Service Coordination to Care Management.

As we enter the new era of care coordination, the need for agencies with a history of community-based service expertise is more valuable than ever before.

Working together, the HVSP team is able to provide the most comprehensive and current information and care to our individuals and families.

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